Want to Improve Your Health? Get a Massage!

Getting a massage can be one of the most relaxing experiences ever, but many people are surprised to find that it also has some amazing health benefits. Massage is so beneficial that it's often used in conjunction with other forms of treatment for pain relief and to help a person heal from injuries. Note a few ways that regular massage can improve your overall health and well-being.

1. Increased blood circulation

When your muscles are massaged, this increases blood circulation and brings blood to those areas specifically. Blood is a healing agent, and as it circulates, it brings with it nutrients from your digestive system and oxygen. All of these help to bolster your immune system so that you may get sick less often and are better able to fend off illnesses. Blood, nutrients, and oxygen also repair damaged cells of the body, and this means repair to all your cells, including those that make up your heart, lungs, and all other internal organs and major systems. Regular massage can help you to have good cardiovascular health, a stronger digestive system, and even a healthier brain.

Increased blood circulation can also strengthen your muscles so that you may have more energy, so you may be more physically active. Being active also increases blood circulation, so that you continue to strengthen your immunity and your muscles even after your massage is over.

2. Better sleep

A massage strengthens muscles, and it also helps them to relax. The blood a massage brings to muscles releases any tension so that muscles are not rigid and stiff. In turn, this can help you to relax overall and to sleep better. Restful sleep is needed for good health as the body renews and heals itself during sleep. When you cannot get to sleep or wake up often due to tension, this can cause headaches, fatigue, and even depression. A good massage can lead to a good night's sleep and improved health.

3. Better posture

You might not connect posture with health, but when the body is curved or hunched over, this puts pressure on the digestive system and the lungs. In turn, these systems cannot work as they should, and you may not be breathing deeply or allowing your body to absorb nutrients as it should. These can both affect your health and your immune system. A massage can open up the muscles in the lower back and around the hips and force the muscles in your upper back to relax. In turn, you may find it easier to maintain a more erect posture that can add to your good health.

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