Menopausal Back Pain: Three Pain Triggers A Physiotherapist Aleviates Using Massage

There are not a lot of positives in the peri-menopause column. This change of life brings hormone imbalance, mood swings, night sweats and pain. You have recently entered the peri-menopause cycle of life, and the one thing which is driving you to distraction is back pain. Back pain is debilitating and interferes with every aspect of your day, so it is time to discover three reasons why you are in pain and what a physiotherapist can do about it. Read More 

Massage Therapy: The Various Benefits It Provides For Athletes

People tend to associate massage therapy with simple rest and relaxation. This is a treatment modality that has been used to cure an assortment of physical ailments. It is a great natural treatment option for athletes who are prone to a myriad of sports injuries. Moreover, massage therapy is also ideal prior to engaging in sports as it can help in reducing the risk of developing injuries due to strenuous activities. Read More